Monday, December 22, 2008

Can someone tell me...

how the hell do I get a guy to leave my bed in the morning? If we aren't spending the day together, no matter how much I like them....I don't know the correct manner to get him outta there. Sometimes I just need to nurse my hangover alone. Of course if you are reading this blog and thinking to yourself..., " so you didn't have to go to temple for torah class in the morning like you said"... Yeah buster I was lying. I don't go to temple silly.

But I do the WHOLE process of pretending I have to go somewhere and throughout my life some people just never get the point. Is there some certain procedure I don't know about?? I get up and make it PLAINFULLY awkward that I have something to do. Then I say, " Do you mind if I take a shower?" I come back... they are still there. Then I get ready, blow dry my hair, literally act like all I need to do is find my keys.. and still nothing.

I asked Laura R for her advice- she said, " Just tell them to get the hell out of there."

I can't do that. I'm nice and usually I like the guy.

A very prominent Theatrical Casting Director said, " I would cum in her eye by "mistake" and then she'd have to get up and do something about it. "

My friend Gen Said, " I dunno what I'd do... I can barely remember the last time I got laid. It's a distant memory."

Well thats usually the case for me as well.. but I am seriously asking this question in a very general sense. It's not for one specific case but for all of my life. Please someone give me their opinion.

**** ON a side note- sometime in the recent (could be year could be day could be 5 years) I did have a real agent meeting that I had to attend. time I really did need him out of bed. The rest of the times.... YEAH COMPLETELY FAKED IT. <-- along with other things...

**** On another side note- if I do want you to stay in my bed... Dont think your anything special. Maybe I might just want you there to stay.


  1. All you have to do is tell him, bluntly, the next time the two of you will be having sex again. Schedule it. Be specific: 7:32 PM EST on Thursday the 23rd of such and such month at such and such place. Write it down for him. Oh he'll leave...and you can bet you'll know when you'll see him again.

  2. Most men want to be able to leave a girl's bed in the morning. I'm not saying I would want to leave your bed. I'm just saying.

  3. ask truman to lay some of his world famous farts, the guy will leave no questions asked

  4. Just tell them your boyfriend is coming over in 20 minutes and you dont want him to get beat up.

  5. Dara how often could you possibly have this problem? I assume very few but I understand you are just speaking in the general. I would love you to talk more about these things. Cause I do need someone to talk about this.