Monday, December 22, 2008

Why do I always fall for Republicans?

If people were going to describe me to someone who had never met me, I would guess in their first sentence somewhere it would be stated " she is a raging liberal and if you are conservative in any political ways-----you should just keep your mouth shut."

I can barely understand how anyone this day in age could still have republican beliefs with where our country is. I could go on and on about how I feel about social and economical issues whether it be the auto bailout, gay marriage, and the common understanding that BETWEEN mccain and obama IT IS BEYOND THE MOST OBVIOUS CHOICE YOU"D HAVE TO BE STUPID TO NOT VOTE OBAMA.

But asides from that... I must admit my little secret....


And it's not just some of the times.....EVERY SINGLE TIME. I completely disagree with most of what they stand for but somehow they are the only ones that seem to steal the butterflies in my tummy. And the saddest thing, is they are the only people who I defend when other people are like , "Dara you've got to be kidding me. OF ALL FREAKIN PEOPLE"

Whether it be my celebrity crush or the guy I'm dating.....they basically all are the "R WORD". And I just love them for it. And its not just some of the times.... its pretty much got a 100 percent rate. It's pretty ridiculous I must admit. And the funny thing is... if I go out and meet a guy and think he is just wonderful.. we will go on one date and I will say to myself, " Dara Don't you dare bring up politics." But whatever it just happens and WHAT DO YOU KNOW!!!!!!!!!!! They voted for Bush.

Current crush- DUH I MEAN- Joe scarborough from morning joe. Yes I do dvr him every morning. Yes he was a republican congressman who sometimes I want to strangle. But yes he is welcome in my bed any morning he wants!

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  1. There should be more girls out there like you. I can't date a Republican girl, too uptight. But at least they have their politics straight.