Sunday, December 14, 2008

Amazing Race Champs

Yes I know these now two famous people..... AND I FREAKIN LOVE BOTH OF THEM SO MUCH!!!

It's alright that they kept the fact that Starr and Dallas were now dating so they could see my reaction in person.

It's alright that they watched me have a heart attack every Sunday and watch my blood pressure turn my face red while I thought they were going to get eliminiated.

It's alright that they didn't include me in knowing about the whole process and getting me to sign the confidentiality agreement with CBS. BECAUSE we all know........

It's not alright that the show isn't on anymore. What else am I going to do while I eat my Chinese wonton soup on Sundays??

Did I mention---- they won a million dollars..... a ton of trips to the caribbean...and two electric cars that they will never drive. Did I mention that Monica and Dallas are the luckiest people in the world. Specially monica- those blonde gorgeous locks sure got her a winner! XOXO
oh and this article is just a riot-- like who really cares what nick does during the day????......................................OK i do. --------------------------------------------


  1. my comments got erased previously, so now im just gonna wing it. stop watching so much tv.. unless its 24.. or cnn.. or teletubbies. u and truman need a new hobby.. or maybe be the new dream team for next years upcoming amazing race. id watch that shit.

    see u in 20.. literally almost.

  2. Dara should NEVER stop watching TV. Her commentary is some of the most brilliant shit I've ever heard... But she really has been Me and Starr's biggest fan from day one!!! I love this girl, and her little buddy Truman. All the love in the world to you Dara!

    Nick Spangler

  3. I love you Nick =) Well...... since The amazing race.... if its not the news.... its not on my tv. Amazing race was the high point of television ( well thats until 24 starts) I love you baby